VW Caddy Van 2004-2014 Rear Bumper Protector Cover Scratch Guard

  • £34.99

VW Caddy Van Rear Back Bumper Protector Guard
    Brand New High Quality Precision made Stainless Steel
    with Brushed Finish

    Rear Bumper Back Step Sill Scratch Guard Cover Trim

    For your VW Caddy Van or Caddy Maxi Life Car.

    Custom made for the Volkswagen bumper for a Perfect Fit. This Looks Factory fitted.

    Protect the paint on your bumper from loading the boot.

    Easy installation with the pre-applied adhesive strips on the back. No Drilling or screws required.  Can be removed without damage to the paintwork .


    Fitting Details:

    This fits all VW CADDY VAN Years 2004-2014

    This fits all VW CADDY Maxi Life MPV Cars Years 2004-2014



    Ensure the bumper is thoroughly cleaned and free from any dirt, old polish or grease. Then use the alocolic wipe provided to clean before applying.

    Once applied leave overnight for 12hours before using the vehicle.