VW Golf mk7 Hatchback Rear Back Boot Liner Rubber Plastic Tray Tidy

  • £29.99

VW Golf mk7 2013-2020 Rear Back Boot Liner Rubber Plastic Tray Tidy

  • This is not a universal boot liner. This is designed and tailored to fit your car boot specifically, ensuring an excellent fit to protect the boot carpet in your car.
  • The tray design with raised sides all round contains dirt and any spilt liquids
  • Protect your car from muddy pets
  • Prevent stains and wear and tear to the boot carpet
  • Unlike rigid plastic boot liners our flexible rubber allows easy access to spare wheels and storage compartments without the boot liner having to be removed first.
  • Easy to maintain with water and detergent this boot liner will continue to protect your car boot for years to come. Resistant to water, oils, dirt and UV sunlight. Unaffected by temperature or changing weather conditions will see the boot liner retain it's shape all year round.

Fitting Details :

This Fits all VW Golf Hatchback mk7 2013 - 2020

This does not fit Estate or Golf SV